Top 3 Most Profitable Bets in Football

Football is a huge sport with a die-hard audience,

Top 3 Most Profitable Bets in Football

Football is a huge sport with a die-hard audience, and it’s no wonder it’s the number one sport worldwide. A sport such as European football also has a huge betting market, which allows punters to place bets on any football team, or tournament that they like and follow. With the development of the web, the betting world has been brought to our fingertips and we no longer have to go out of our way to place a bet. It’s as simple as opening up your internet browser and finding a sportsbook that you like.

However, there’s more to betting than just finding a team you like. There are a lot of different statistics to follow regarding the team you want to place a bet on, and the team your favorite club is playing against. You can also place a plethora of different bets. If you ever feel like other people are winning, but you cannot seem to strike a win, those other people have likely worked out some kind of a strategy which allows them to win with bigger amounts. Before betting it’s a good idea to work out some kind of a strategy, so in this article, we’ll go over some of the most profitable bets in football.

What’s The Difference Between Regular Betting And Following a Betting Strategy?

The difference between a regular bet and a betting strategy is that a person following a betting strategy is following a specific set of rules which over time, provide a higher chance of winning. That’s not to say that a betting strategy guarantees that you will score a win, rather it just increases the chances of one.

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Below we’ll go over the 3 most profitable bets you can put in football. If you’ve been losing several times in a row, you have nothing to lose by trying out the strategies we’ve listed out below. Also, there are some secrets to football betting, and it’s not a bad idea to know them.

A Matched Betting Technique

This is one of the most popular betting techniques you can give a try betting on football today. Matched Betting is a very simple technique you can utilize at your disposal, and the best thing about it is that it takes advantage of the free bonuses and promotions betting websites offer to their punters. Instead of betting on the team that is most likely to win, this method proposes using the free bets you get to place on as many teams as you think can win.

Of course, this can also work with the money you deposit yourself; you don’t have to take advantage of the various bonuses the online sportsbooks offer, but it’s a good idea to do so. All you need to do to get free bets is spend some time online to find bookmakers offering some of the following promotions and bonuses:

  • Free bet bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses
  • Risk-free betting
  • A welcome deposit bonus

A good idea is also to use the bonuses from two different online bookmakers and bet on the opposing option.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is a betting technique where bettors take advantage of the different betting odds at different online bookmakers. All you need to do is find online websites that offer different odds on a single football match and find a value that differs dramatically from one betting website to the other. You make a bet with two different odds on the opposing teams at each bookmaker according to the difference in the betting odds.

This is a very fun method to use, but it may take more time, and be less profitable in the long run.

Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

This is a betting strategy that originated in the world of finance and is currently known as the best and most profitable football betting strategy in the world. To be able to fully utilize this strategy, you must know the performance of your team, and their probability of winning, because these tactics takes into strategy the amount of money at risk in comparison to the amount of money you currently have.

It requires using a simple formula, which is the following:
(bp – q)/b = f
b – stands for the odds involved in the game
p – stands for the probability of the bet you’re placing
q – stands for the chance of losing your bet
f – stands for the final value of the calculation

If the f shows a positive value at the end, that means that the bet is worth betting. This is a more complicated way of betting, but it’s currently considered to be the most profitable. To check some useful statistics, check this chart out.