Reasons For Celtic FC To Partner With GamStop

Celtic FC is one of the best football clubs for mo

Reasons For Celtic FC To Partner With GamStop

Celtic FC is one of the best football clubs for most people. As such, we can see that collaboration with GamStop would be effective and appealing. Below we are going to discuss why this is the case and why this collaboration would be so productive. There are a few reasons why and we will cover all of these below.

Why Partnering Up with GamStop Is a Good Choice for Celtic FC

Partnering with GamStop represents a strategic move for Celtic FC, underlining their commitment to responsible gaming and the well-being of their fanbase. This collaboration not only enhances the club's social responsibility profile but also aligns with broader industry standards, fostering a safer and more supportive environment for fans to enjoy the game. Below is a more detailed analysis of reasons for Celtic FC to partner up with the GamStop scheme.

Promoting GamStop Initiative to a Broader Audience

GamStop has been available since 2018 and it is a reasonably popular platform for self-exclusion in the United Kingdom. There are over 84.000 users who used GamStop in 2022. This may sound like much but there are over 430.000 players with gambling issues in the country. As you can see, there are many users of this platform.

If or when Celtic FC starts collaboration with GamStop more people will know about this platform. Keep in mind that Celtic FC has millions of fans and all of them would know all about GamStop after they see the logo on the t-shirts of their favourite club! Regardless of whether a person bets on Celtic FC via foreign betting sites or on UKGC-licensed casino sites, they would know they’ve got their backs covered.

Add the fact that they will learn about the partnership from social media, official websites, news websites, and more and you can see how many people will learn more about GamStop and see that they have the help they need.

Providing Assistance to Gamblers Who Need Help

The second reason here is equally important. It simply means that players will be able to learn about the help they need and they can use it. In the lack of a better word, this is one of the ways how Celtic FC can help people who have issues with gambling. They can learn how to get free help and they can use it for as long as they need.

GamStop offers the ability to use the platform for 6 months or a couple of years if they like. During that time, they can make sure that online gambling is not possible, hence they can solve the problem. Once this is done, they can continue playing the games once again and enjoy this hobby or form of entertainment.

Following the Example of Other Great Football Clubs

Cooperation between GamStop and Celtic FC would be one of many. We can see that other football clubs are working on the same thing and they may start promoting GamStop soon. This means that Celtic FC would become another great club to do the same thing. In simple terms, it means that a lot of people or football fans will learn about GamStop.

When a club we like promotes something, we instantly like that as well. It can be a game, a console, an airliner, or GamStop. This allows people to learn the basics and start using the things they need and want in a matter of seconds.

It is believed that a lot of football clubs in the United Kingdom will start promoting GamStop at some point. Clubs from other countries will not promote this platform. See, GamStop is available in the United Kingdom only. It doesn’t work in other countries or with casinos and betting sites that have permits from other gambling authorities such as MGA, Curacao, Gibraltar etc. There is no need to add that this makes GamStop focused on the UK only so local clubs would make the most sense to collaborate.

Massive Reputation

This reason is unique but can be seen in other reasons we have covered above. Celtic FC has a huge, positive, and nice reputation across the country and the world. When they promote something, people will listen and like it.

All of this means that if Celtic FC starts promoting GamStop a lot of people would consider this platform safe, secure, effective, and great. This is true and over 80% of people who have used GamStop agree with these facts. They like the platform and they like the overall appeal. They would like to continue using GamStop indefinitely. A feature like this is not yet offered to users. You can only prolong the ban countless times if you like.

Additionally, we can see that this promotion will make GamStop more reputable. It will be promoted by a well-known club, one that has been with us for years. People who think that GamStop is something unsafe and problematic will change their opinion. They will consider GamStop as it is. This a free and effective method that can help all players from the United Kingdom who are at risk of gambling addiction.

The Final Word

All of the reasons we have covered here are massive and they are more than just important. We can only say that collaboration between Celtic FC and GamStop would make both parties more than just effective in helping people consider online gambling differently. Thanks to GamStop it is a safe form of fun, the one you can freely enjoy as much as you like.