Most Popular Football Betting Markets

The rise of online bookmakers has, in recent times

Most Popular Football Betting Markets

The rise of online bookmakers has, in recent times, resulted in increased football betting. However, bettors may find it challenging to select the right betting types and markets since many options exist. To help with this, we’ll explain the most popular markets on online football betting sites in this post. So, read on.

What are Betting Markets?

To understand how to bet, you need to know what a betting market is. A betting market is a selection of options on various aspects of a sport (in this case, football). You can use it as a criterion for selecting a bet on the sportsbook. You'll find various football betting markets on online sportsbooks and brick-and-mortar betting shops.

Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Football has many wagering markets because it’s one of the most popular sports. While most markets are significantly different, some fall into similar categories. Below are some of the most popular football betting markets.

Match Winner

With match-winner bets, you can wager on the final outcome of football matches. You place a wager on which side will win the match; keep in mind that there is a chance that the game might end in a draw.

Over/Under Goals

For over/under goals bets, you can wager on a game or team based on the predicted number of goals by selecting the "Over" or "Under" option. For football games, this betting market commonly displays its odds at 0.5 intervals. This allows you to wager on whether the final tally will go above or below a specific number.

Double Chance

Like match-winner bets, double-chance bets are based on the outcomes of matches. For this bet, you predict which side will win a match, and if the game finishes in a draw, it still counts as a win. The odds are usually lower than conventional match-winner bets.

Correct Score

These bets, as their name suggests, involve betting on the exact score you believe a match will end with. Due to their specificity on the match's outcomes, the odds for these markets tend to be higher than those for the others mentioned.

Over/Under Corner

It's easy to see the similarities between over/under goal markets and over/under corner betting markets. For this bet, you predict whether the total number of corners in a match will be more than or less than a specific number. This may be relevant to the whole game or particular team corner totals.


Similar to match-winner bets, handicap bets involve betting on the winning team, but the difference is that one side gets an advantage over the other. For example, a team may get a -1 handicap, in which case any victory other than winning by two or more goals will be a loss. When playing with a +1 handicap, the team needs to keep the margin of defeat at two goals.

Both Teams to Score

The Both Teams To Score (or BTTS) market is relatively straightforward and functions as the name implies. You can use this to wager the likelihood that both sides will score during a match. When deciding to place these bets, consider the team's defensive and offensive statistics above other factors. You may also want to pay attention to skillful players likely to score.


With the right knowledge, football match betting can be a thrilling and lucrative experience. Selecting the right betting market is crucial since it provides the option of what you want to predict in a match. While there are many football betting markets, match winner and double chance are two of the most popular bets. Trust your instincts and gather as much information on the market as possible before placing a wager.